#TBT: Juxtaposed Beauty – Shanghai, China

While modern Western society has sought to influence much of the world’s views of art, fashion, and culture, China has accepted these “standards” under certain conditions: employment for its citizens, exposure to different cultures, etc. As a result of its growth throughout history, China has given birth to many modern marvels, and its cultural influence and pride run deep throughout the eastern hemisphere.

dragon heads

twin peeks

China’s art scene is incredible and is an integral element in Chinese culture. Feng shui is the foundation for creativity where every detail is intentional and done extremely well. Traditional motifs accompanied by simple and chic aesthetics are intertwined in its architecture; this is especially visible in the country’s abounding temples. Serving as both worship centers entrenched in history and modern-day tourist attractions, the sheer ornateness of these temples will leave you awestruck. Even the Chinese language is an art. The thousands of characters used in Mandarin calligraphy are very detailed and stroked to perfection.

squared foot

new throne

The fashion scene in China is also remarkable. I would often salivate at the sight of these designer deeds and would often wonder who was buying with all that supply. Shanghai, for example, features malls at almost every subway station with the latest runway fashions not to mention a restaurant/bar scene that caters to any palette. Fashion does not separate and is available at all price points. Black is the color of choice. Though not the fashion capital, China commits to a rather elementary foundation, constantly reminding us that less is more.


China is truly an extraordinary place; it is a treasure trove of creativity and ingenuity. Historically, the most populous nation has produced a great deal of the world’s earliest inventions, and the impact of its culture is prominent across the globe. Even today, China remains a global powerhouse for innovation, transformation, and overall optimism.

red lanterns

vantage point

If history and modernity is the “new normal,” then China certainly fits the bill.


road less traveled