Back At It

Until recently, I never really considered myself an artist. An appreciator and silent critic of the fine arts always, but my inability to produce physical works or engage in the performing arts distorted my definition of what the word actually means. If art is the means by which one expresses him or herself, then how is it that I deemed myself unworthy of such a label if I was in fact creating things that I hoped would be enjoyed, found beautiful, and/or significant by others. This newfound realization led to the conclusion that my engagement with the world’s many cultures, writing, and past work curating experiences for other people to enjoy were all reflections of art. 

I initially created this site with the intent to literally “shut up and create.” By allowing my site to represent my voice, I would possess the freedom to tell stories without condition or the limitation of certain mediums. Though its purpose would take a detour, becoming an online portfolio and travel blog, I am back to fulfill my site’s vision of using it as a means of expression. This is not a blog or site with a specific intention in mind; instead, it is a blank canvas in which I wish to paint my struggles, processes, and triumphs. I aim to be both vulnerable and fearless in this charge with the goal of overcoming my emotional instability in order to find peace and balance with my inner self. 

These past few months have been a whirlwind of emotions and often times just going with the flow to allow things to naturally piece themselves together, but it has been a beautiful ride nonetheless. Determining your place in a world filled with so many forces that drive your thirst for things that were never intended for you can easily become a daunting and truly exhausting task. A task I wish to fight head on and avoid. In uncovering my truth, I hope to show the depths of my creative self. Redefining what art means to me, excepting the unknown, and discovering the beauty in my non-perfectness. I am Jonathan Thibeaux, a country born culture connoisseur, an artist, shutting up, creating.