Late Post: Pillow Talk

Last night I had a dream.

At about 9pm, we were headed to Zack’s house for a little wine and cheese party. Every Sunday, we made sure to link up in order to watch the latest episode of our favorite reality show. It was our thing, watch tv, listen to music, and of course indulge in my preferred hobby, eating. I don’t remember what we ate or what song was playing in the background, but I’m certain you were on my mind the whole night.

After the show, it was time to bring out the deck of cards. Playing spades was special, it allowed us to communicate in our own special language. You trusted me as your man to know that I’d make the right move and I trusted you as my partner in crime to help provide this ass whipping to whoever wanted it.

After we won all three games, of course, the wine was hitting my system. Belly full. I began to think, “DAMN, I am blessed.” I always felt lucky being with and around you. You held me down, looked after things when I was away, and loved me with a fiery passion.

As we were finishing our last game, I reminisced to the moment of our first kiss. “Remember?”. It was unexpected, but so planned. My bottle would just magically land on you. Each time, spin… spin… spin… you. I wanted you so bad. I didn’t care who knew or who saw, because your confidence in us made standing in my truth easy.

We call it quits and walk out to my big boy, Whitey (my Ford truck). At this point, I’m ready to go Avant “My First Love” on that ass. And of course we’re hitting every red light. Home just couldn’t come fast enough. I’m not sure if you could see my erect phallus throbbing for you in my pants, but your body language was calling my name.

Next, it was your lips “J… T…” Barely a whisper, “J…T…” My God that shit was sexy. Before I know it, I’m pulling over and my lips are on yours. My hands gripping your thighs, your back, all that goodness; I wanted it all. So thick, Shit! Your mouth tasted like a mix between strawberries and liquor.  Slight biting of each other’s lips (that turns me on so much), and soon you’re on top of me. This time, my hands slides between your legs and I rub my hands against your warmth.

“We gotta chill bae.” I move you over to the side and we get back on the road.

When we get to your spot, I waste NO time. I leave my clothes at the door and make my way over to you. In this moment, I was Omar Epps and you was my Sanaa Lathan. Nah, scratch that, I was your Wade and you was my… Thinking to myself, “Lord, what did I do to deserve such a special gift?” You before me, in my arms, you looked more beautiful than ever.

Not a selfish bone in your body, you always wanted to please me. But I didn’t need that. I threw you on the bed and got to work. I knew all of your spots and had no problem starting from the edge of your forehead down to licking the tips of your toes. You was mine, my… I’m nibbling on your nipples, biting the skin behind your knees, massaging your back… then, grab your ass like it stole something and I was here to make sure you did every bit of your time. You deserved this. Quoting Webbie in my head, “bounce that ass like that… bounce that ass like that.” Teasing you along the way, I made sure you felt my paintbrush pressing against your canvas.

“Not yet. Get on your stomach.”

I press one hand on your lower back to ease your body into the perfect arch, making sure with the other hand I’m popping your buffet up for this feast that I’m about to enjoy. Moving my tongue in and out, in and out. Opening up, closing, in and out, in and out, nibble here and there. In response to me biting your cotton candy, I feel you bucking. Oh yes, we went there! Your moans and squirms only heighten the intensity of this moment. My dick was harder than a MOTHERFUCKER!

Almost there…

Jhene had groceries, but I want the whole damn supermarket. In and out. In and out, my tongue is craving you more and more with each taste. Damn baby, you taste so good.

I kiss your lower back, make my way to your neck, ears, neck again, back, ears. Then, I lift you up and turn you onto your back. My mind’s telling me yes and my body is telling me, HELL YES! I always knew having sex with you would be love.

Two souls coming together to be one. My energy yours, your energy mine. You are apart of me and I you. I wanted my last name to follow yours and yours to follow mine. I loved you.

I sprinkled oils and potions on your earth and allowed our souls to be fed by my the sun, ensuring that I shined all up in and through your universe. I guide my way to your inner core and then…


Mind in a daze, I WAKE UP. Just like that, my fantasy, my dream, once my reality was gone. Shit!