I Am Enough (An Affirmation)

Feeling unvalidated and often undesired, I wrote the poem “I Am Enough” almost two years ago. I’d grown tired of being too this or too that and desperately needed to honor my full self. This past summer, I was reminded how much I still needed to hear those same words and got to work producing this piece.

“I Am Enough,” music and lyrics by your boy, is an affirmation — a reminder of who we are and how we desire to take up space in the world.

Shoutout to my brother Reshard McElrath (@dreamdaily_ aka @marsx_theproducer) for seeing the vision and producing the beat/sound for this track. Another huge shoutout to my brother Dorian Davis of @doriantroystudios for creating the cover art. My gratitude to you both for the collaboration; y’all did your thing family!

I Am Enough (An Affirmation) is now available on all major streaming platforms.

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