I am Jonathan Thibeaux

A proud Louisianian from Lafayette Parish and Morehouse man. I currently live in Los Angeles, CA, and am pursuing a M.F.A. in the University of Southern California’s Peter Stark Producing Program.

As a writer and director, I desire to produce works focused on intimacy, intersectionality, and the tender parts of masculinity. Making the ordinary extraordinary, I seek to utilize my creativity to examine the tension that connects us and give voice to the things others can’t say. In addition to my passion for storytelling, I love creating space for others to show up as their full self. My curiosity drives this hunger for personal stories and connecting with the community around me feeds every aspect of my work.

My diverse background and experiences gifted me the belief, “Impossible is nothing.” As a biology major at Morehouse College, I learned how to search for beauty in the world, examine life, conduct research, and simplify complex concepts. Deferring my degree to go abroad for an additional year to study in both Shanghai, China and Cape Town, South Africa exercised my ability to take risks and adapt to any environment. Working in digital and social media strategy taught me the power of marketing and how to use data analytics to develop strategies that drive positive results​​. My experiences in education – working in event production, operations, and partnerships – sharpened my ability to solve problems under pressure, manage others, build systems, think entrepreneurially, and execute projects with fidelity. All of these opportunities reinforced the importance of dynamic leadership, strong culture, and the power of having a clear vision.

Working as a filmmaker in the film and tv industry is the culmination of my values, passion, and talent. While I continue to learn the technical art of filmmaking and develop my writing and directorial voice, my short-term goal is to gain mentorship and entry into a writing and/or directing lab, residency, or fellowship program. As a queer, Black man from the South, my intersectionality compels me to create artistic works that directly and indirectly contribute to the economic ecosystem of communities of color. I plan to start my own production company and utilize technology to employ and connect artists, provide resources and access to both primary and college students, as well as targeting minority-owned businesses for needed services on set. In doing so, I hope to empower others, create space for them to have their work seen, and make working in entertainment a tangible career option for generations of minorities to come.

Find Babibineaux’s seasoning and I’ll cook you a mean meal!


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