Prospects To realize my purpose and my worth, to acquire the means to advance every end, to broaden my horizon and unfold every mystery, to explore and discover uncharted territory, to recover and revive that which was “mine,” to seek fulfillment in my oneness, and to accept peace as my consciousness and stabiliy mature… The quest continues


Conformity Reincarnated rebellion Land where labels and isms run free Boxes shape our very existence The Jones’s measure our lifestyles Trends guide those to the road more traveled Who am I becomes who are we? Creative thought evolved into group think One nation, one God.



Beauty Omnipresent and plentiful; Every EYE can behold thee. No magic, no twinkle, no contour; Ambiguous as it is vague, Indescribable for the unconscious and simple for the ‘woke.’ There’s an ease in its step. It’s cool like that, real just like that. Stop hiding, it’s waiting for you.  


Confident Invisible cloak that once covered me, Stripped of my own superficiality. Beaten and torn down, yet finally free! I now secure in the language it speaks. Mind and soul connected as one, An emotion created by the beat of a foreign drum. Flames revealed themselves from its open doors. Vulnerable, I come before the.


Life Painted visions, Dreamt up, erased then stroked again to perfection. This bliss, my fantasy. Omnipresent it seems. My pseudo happiness, Foggy perception of reality. Gone is that dream! My story not ended in ever after.