Choosing The “RIGHT” Study Abroad Program – Part II

While these are all extremely important factors to consider, the factors I have listed below are those I erroneously failed to take into account when choosing my program, and now two-thirds complete with my first semester, I definitely should have.

Two-Month Breakthrough

I wanted China and all of its culture to engulf me and make me more culturally relative. However, while optimistic, my time in China would not always be one of comfort and happiness.

I Travel Because?

With one-third of my program in Shanghai complete, I am now questioning my very reason for going abroad and traveling.

Through The Looking Glass – Getting Over The Stare While Abroad

From the moment I stepped off the plane in Shanghai, I became a mythical creature for onlookers to marvel at me… I had anticipated this action long before my coming to China, but soon I realized that actually experiencing it would bring about many emotions.